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Re: [IP] Supplies for Paradigm

>Edgepark is the preferred surgical supplier for my insurer but I won't get another lancet from them again if I >can avoid it.
>They are the most money hungry outfit I've ever seen.
>Yes, they are very friendly as long as they're getting the biggest buck they can.
> tried to get a freestyle tracker from them.
>Their catalog has it listed with the same code as a regular meter.
>They gave me the biggest hassle over it, wanting it billed as "Special Equipment" requiring special authorization >from my insurer.
>The Supervisor, Casey even told me that the Freestyle was a luxury and just because I had Diabetes didn't >mean I needed luxuries.
>They wanted $499 for the same freestyle you can get anywhere else for $299.
>When they found out I was on the Paradigm, they sent me a 3 month supply everything, using generic >whenever possible.
>The bill was $1709.45.
>The same stuff from Minimed but without generic supplies is only $1251.00.

>Good Luck,
>John & his Paradigm.

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with
them. So far I haven't experienced anything like that.
As far as pricing goes, the bill for my 3 month supply 
of sets, reservoirs, strips, etc from
Edgepark came to about 1850.00.
They only got 1200 from my carrier based on 
contracted prices. I'm guessing that my carrier
 would be paying the same amount to Minimed
 had I ordered from them, although I didn't go 
through and price each item.

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