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[IP] where to wear pump

I just wanted to share some pumping tips that have
> worked for me.
> The bisondesigns link shown has accessories for the
> key ring that I have adapted for my Paradigm. The
> main thing I wanted to share on their items is using
> a carabiner to hang the pump wherever I want.
> My personal choice is their "Talon" with the nylon
> webbing in combination with a key ring which I snap
> into the Paradigm neoprene case(similiar to Clip-n-Go ).
The only alteration
> I do is just unsnapping the stock plastic clip and swap
 it out with a round keyring which also goes thru the nylon webbing.
 The unique feature of
> this carabiner is the wire closing gate which will
> grab clothing
> (or a bed sheet when sleeping) snugly without
> snagging fabric. I generally hang my pump from
> inside my pants.
> If I'm not wearing clothing then I just clip onto my
> medical ID necklace. I find this to very flexible in
> trying to find a place to put the pump. It's great
> that gravity works 24 hours a day!
> The other thing that I get from bison is their large
> "capsule" which is an aluminum waterproof container
> I store a fresh "AAA" for the Paradigm, but it will
> hold the 357 battery for other pumps.
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