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Re: [IP] What support do we expect from the pump company?

My daughter and I met with a pump representative that told us they have a
nurse available to come to our home to help us through the first month. Is
this true of most pump companies?  I do not know what type of support we
should expect?


I went with the Animus pump. I live in Tucson and a rep from Animus drove
from Pheonix to get me set up twice. First with saline, then on insulin. We
keept in touch via phone calls and internet for around 1 month untill she
felt sure I was OK.  I have her personal numbers(phone) and she told me I
could call anytime if I have problems. She was great!!!
>From what I have heard here on the IP site, all the companies seem to have
ups and downs when it comes to customer service, but I think that is life.
This is a large perchase and a life saving/altering device, so you should
expect GREAT customer service from all of  the companies. If I ever do
encounter poor customer service with Animus, I will try my best to put it to
human error and ask to speak to someone else instead of just blowing a
gaskett, lol, hmmmmmm sounds like a new years resolution to me ;)
Tami in Tucson
pumping since Nov1/02
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