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Re: [IP] how to help an 82 year old-not about the pump

You didn't say where the cancer started from or if the doctor has said it
has metastasized.

But, cancer and cancer treatments put the body under a lot of stress and
that alone could account for the jump in blood sugars.

My Dad had Pancreatic Cancer and never became diabetic either.  So YMMV.

Best of luck,


> Sorry this isn't an insulin pump post, but since I have an insulin pump
> and everyone here knows about diabetes, I wanted to see if I could get
> some help/info. My brother-in-law's mom's mom is a Type 2 diabetic and it
> has always been pretty mild.  She has cancer.  Recently, her blood sugars
> have been off the wall-always in the 300s.  She is now taking 4 shots a
> day.  She's about 82 years old and we are thinking the cancer may have
> spread to her pancreas or something.  The mother is taking care of her
> and she called me to see what I could tell her or to see if I had any
> books that might could help her with this.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions?
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