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Re: [IP] how to help an 82 year old-not about the pump

There may not be any correlation between the cancer and the pancreas and
the increase in insulin usage.  We type 2's get resistant.  You said her
number of shots is up to 4, but didn't say how many and how many units
she is / was taking.  I have gone from 14 units of NPH ad day to 260
units of humalog a day in 7 years.  I am not producing any insulin now,
and am very resistant.  I hope that this is just a normal progression
for her.  Good Luck.

>>> email @ redacted 1:34:17 PM 1/13/03 >>>
Sorry this isn't an insulin pump post, but since I have an insulin
and everyone here knows about diabetes, I wanted to see if I could get
some help/info. My brother-in-law's mom's mom is a Type 2 diabetic and
has always been pretty mild.  She has cancer.  Recently, her blood
have been off the wall-always in the 300s.  She is now taking 4 shots
day.  She's about 82 years old and we are thinking the cancer may have
spread to her pancreas or something.  The mother is taking care of her
and she called me to see what I could tell her or to see if I had any
books that might could help her with this.  Does anyone have any


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