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Re: [IP] Inserting a SofSet???

I think Kathy helped quite a bit, but I thought I'd mention something else.
You mentioned two pieces of tape that are included.  You use either one or
the other.  The orange backed tape would be the one most people use.
Personally, that adhesive irritates my skin, so I use polyskin and insert
through that.  If you are putting tape on top of tape, you need to use the
other tape, that looks like it is covered with white dots and is backed with
solid white backing.  That goes better on top of another kind of tape.  If
you don't do that, use the one with the orange on it.

As Kathy said, there really isn't a hole.  I think they use a rubbery piece
in that part that stays on the skin, so when you take the introducer needle
out, there isn't a hole.

Oh, by the way, the hole in the pieces of tape is there because you need a
hole there.  You tape it down before you take out the introducer needle.
The hole allows you to then remove it without fear of dislodging the set.

Also, I believe the plastic plug is intended to cover the needle on the end
of the tubing should you disconnect.  It is handy if you suspend the pump
while disconnected.  Since I never suspend, I never use it.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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