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Re: [IP] advice on sofset vs quick set...please

I've never used the Quicksets, but I've used the sof-sets a long time.  I
suspect that while the sofsets may have less surface area of the tubing
itself on the skin, there is more skin covered, because the tape that comes
with it is good sized.

Should you try to take it off, I can't imagine you dislodging the site,
unless your daughter were trying to run off or something.  I don't think
that should be too difficult at all.

There is a drawback, in my experience, which may not bother your daughter.
When I wear hose, I have to be sure the disconnect area is placed over the
tape, or it digs into my skin and is uncomfortable.  With ordinary
loose-fitting clothes, however, that's not a problem.

I still hope someone who has used both can answer you better than I can, but
I thought it might help to hear from a user of sofsets.

If you wish, you may want to ask MM for some samples to try before
committing to an entire box.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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