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[IP] Re: Filling cartridges....

Uh, WHAT? I usually push all air that I can from the plunger and then 
draw up insulin. Then I give it a wee shove to get the rest of the air 
out the cartridge and draw up more insulin until the blue plunger 
stopper is level at the bottom of the cartridge. You sound like you're 
injecting insulin into the cartridge?

When I'm pre-filling, I remove the cartridge from the needle which I 
leave in the insulin vial as I put the little cap onto the cartridge. 
Whilst doing that air has left the vial. I bring a fresh cartridge up 
to the -still in the vial- needle and press more air into the vial and 
fill that cart, pulling the cartridge from the -still inserted needle 
in the vial- and cap it. This goes on for about 2 2/3 carts, then I get 
another vial out and fill from that too.

When filling a cartridge the way you describe, ("Inject insulin/remove 
air") Sounds kind of wrong. You inject AIR, draw out insulin into the 
cartridge and then inject a touch to expel the big bubble and draw out 
again bringing insulin into the cartridge to capacity.

On Monday, January 13, 2003, at 06:38  AM, gail d 
<email @ redacted> wrote:

> Summer,
> The Disetronic cartridges are filled with air and the
> rubber plunger is at the full mark when beginning.
> You are supposed to inject insulin, then remove air,
> inject more, remove air, inject, remove, and so on,
> until the cartridge is full of insulin & no air.

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