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[IP] re : 3yr old and infusion sets

I agree that with most 3 year olds the sillhouttes would probably
 be better.  Depends on how much fat she has at infusion sites. 
 and with the extra tape you'd need for the soft-sets that could be a problem.
The sillhouttes can be a little scary looking, the needle is kinda 
long but they can go in quite shallow and are easy to insert and 
comfortable.  Have you tried the sillhouettes?  

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

.  The Sof-sets are far more 
> fiddlier to 
> insert, which may be more of a problem with a 3 year old.  Extra 
> tape needed 
> and such. 
>     You might want to instead try using the Silhouettes.  My 
> understanding 
> is that most small ones have the best luck with this type of 
> infusion set. 
> > my daughter, Codi Lynn is 3 and using a paradigm with Quick 
> sets.  I was
> > searching the minimed store and saw the sofsets.  Can anyone 
> tell me any
> > advantages/disadvantages to either?  I am not a big fan of the 
> disconnect> site on the quick set since everytime I have used it, 
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