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[IP] Re: advice on sofset vs quick set...please

Hi Cara,
     My daughter, then aged 6, started pumping with the Quick-sets.  They 
were just being introduced to Canada and we actually put back our start date 
by one week to wait for them to arrive at the distributor.  So I was thinking 
that we would start with Sof-sets, but never actually used them.  As soon as 
I saw the Quick-sets I knew we would use them, they are so easy to insert and 
the tape is very good and sticky.  The Sof-sets are far more fiddlier to 
insert, which may be more of a problem with a 3 year old.  Extra tape needed 
and such. 
     You might want to instead try using the Silhouettes.  My understanding 
is that most small ones have the best luck with this type of infusion set.  
You will find Moms inserting them in several places on kids, including arms, 
legs, the upper butt area and of course, tummies.  
     Yes, re-connecting the Quick-sets is hard.  I don't think I can 
re-connect them even now!  But Claire has just the right touch in 
re-connecting them herself, thank goodness. 

Best of luck,
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> my daughter, Codi Lynn is 3 and using a paradigm with Quick sets.  I was
> searching the minimed store and saw the sofsets.  Can anyone tell me any
> advantages/disadvantages to either?  I am not a big fan of the disconnect
> site on the quick set since everytime I have used it, I mess up the site
> somehow, plus we usually never disconnect.  We have had a lot of trouble
> with cannulas kinking and I am wondering if the sofset has less surface 
> area
> on the skin which may keep it more secure?!?
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