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[IP] Trading Pumps

Is it possible to give back a pump to one company and get another pump
from another company?  I have just started pumping a few months ago and
find some problems , for me, with the pump I have.  Has anyone
successfully given back their original  pump under the "if you don't
like it give it back" guarantees that the reps make, and get another
brand of pump?  I haven't even sent in the warrantee card yet.  How do
insurance companies handle this.  I am not sure I am going to pursue
this yet, but I would like to have all of the information I can get on
it in case I do make this decision.  My DE is trying to get some
resolution for the problem I have with this particular pump, but I am
not sure we will get it worked out.  Thanks for any replies.
Bob, pumping lots of insulin in Peoria, Illinois.
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