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Re: [IP] Clip & Go for Cozmo

I've just finished making new cases for the Cozmo. I use a velcro 
strap that holds tight to my belt, but you can put any clip on you 
want.  I've always sewn cases for the MM 507.  Those work with the 
Cozmo, but the new ones are more custom fits.  I can send a pattern 
if you have a machine that can sew through a few layers of material. 
I just use black cordura with denim lining, but you could make them 
to match your outfits if you want *S*

>I am thinking about ordering a Clip-N-Go but need to know how big it is. The
>site I am looking at list
>Are they actually different sizes? The Cozmo is .1 inch thicker than the
>Disetronic. Does anyone know if it would fit?
>Thanks for any help,  Sue
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