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[IP] Re: Securing SoftSet site

Hi Kim,

Kathy gave you instructions on inserting the SoftSet but I wanted to 
let you know what works for Noah in getting his sets to stay put for 
3-4 days.  We struggled for years trying every way that worked for 
others but no method worked well enough to keep his set in place 
during sports or any activity were he perspired.  He had been 
applying I.V. Prep, waiting for it to semi-dry to tacky, then applied 
Skin-Tac (gooey sticky bottled adhesive), waiting for it to semi-dry 
to tacky, inserted SoftSet micros, then applied two tapes provided by 
MiniMed with the SoftSet micros.  A few weeks ago we ran out of I.V. 
Preps so he just did everything the same way, minus the I.V. Prep. 
WOW!  His sites stay in through snowboarding, football, all his 
activities, and are still secure when he changes sites 3-4 days 
later.   The I.V. Prep and Skin-Tac together just didn't make for as 
sticky and secure prep for his SoftSets as just using the Skin-Tac 

Cindy, mom to 16 y/o Noah
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