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[IP] Re: Advice on Sofset vs. Quick Set...Please

Hi Cara,

I too was having bent cannula problems a few months ago using the Quick Sets,
but I preferred their ease of use and small cannula (6mm) to the Silhouette which
has a larger gauge and leaves a bigger hole afterwards.  I don't know about the Sofset.
A couple people on the list suggested that after inserting the Quick Set, I make sure 
and push on the top of the inserter really well before removing it.  Then to push in again
on the introducer needle (towards your body) to make the cannula more secure and 
then pull it straight out.  Another tip was to pull the skin tight before inserting, which I 
sometimes do and sometimes don't, depending on the location of the site.  Since 
trying these things, I haven't had one bent cannula and my sites last a full 3 days,
whereas they didn't before.  I also find that my favorite sites are on my hips vs. my 
abdomen. I have yet to work up the nerve for a thigh site.

As far as reconnecting, I know what you mean, but with practice it becomes very
easy. I also find it easier to reconnect when it's in my hip vs. my abdomen.  Somehow 
it's more secure there.  Awhile back, someone else on the list suggested inserting a 
Quick Set into a pillow and practicing until you get the feel for it, which I thought was 
a great idea.

Hope this helps.

dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02
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