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[IP] Re: Where Do You Wear?

When I'm at home and for sleeping most nights, I wear my Paradigm pump (no clip
yet) upside down in the front of a Maidenform bra that sort of resembles a sports bra, 
but not near as tight or constricting. It's so loose and comfy, unlike a "regular" bra, I 
forget I'm even wearing it. The pump is secure and out of the way, and I don't feel it
either. I recently got a great case from L'Enfante that I sometimes clip to the waistband 
of my pj's now as another option (I don't like the MiniMed cases that came with my pump).

When I'm dressed and out-and-about I usually wear my pump in my jeans pocket, 
sometimes the front, sometimes the back, depending on the tightness of my jeans or the 
location of my infusion sight (i.e., if my site is in my hip, I won't put the pump in that back 
pocket since it sometimes pushes on it).

Depending on the shirt I'm wearing, I also slip it under the band in the front of my regular 
bra upside down. I don't use a bra attachment because then it would stick out too far and 
definitely show. By wearing it in my bra, it's out of the way when pulling my pants down to 
"visit the ladies room," but if I'm in a restaurant, I'll move it to my pocket so I'm not reaching 
under my shirt to use it at the table.

When I went to the company Christmas Party, the outfit I was wearing didn't allow 
me to put it in any of the usual places without showing, so I wore it in the side of my 
bra under my arm.

Shawna Nansel
dx'd 3/02, pumping 8/02
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