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RE: [IP] Inserting a SofSet???

Hi Kim,
Your Soft Set comes packaged so that after you have prepared your reservoir,
you take the small end where the small cap is and twist off the cap.  Twist
that end to the reservoir and raise the luer lock from the reservoir and
push the insulin through the ENTIRE length of tubing until drops start
coming out of the insertion needle.

There is no luer lock in the package, that is attached to the pump only.

Instructions say to prime the pump for 5.0.  I usually prime 2.0 and if no
drops come out, do another 1.0 until it does.

You are to remove the little protective plastic piece off of the insertion
needle and then you should have a little blue clicker (similar to a lancet
device) and place the entire needle insertion device in there making certain
that the plastic tubing sticks out of one of the sides and click it in
place.  When that is done, remove the white paper from each side and that
will produce a sticky surface.

You should be using IP pads which prepare your skin leaving it a little
tacky so that the tapes adhere better.

Once you have inserted the needle, the orange colored adhesive pad goes over
the hole of the insertion needle area.  It clearly states which parts are to
removed as in 1, 2 and 3.  Remove part 1 first and then place over the knob
you inserted, rub it down smooth then remove 2 and 3 rubbing it into place.
After that is done, you take the white one and peel off the middle part and
place it over the other adhesive and smooth it out then remove each side of
the white pieces and smooth that down.

If your insertion needle is a regular size, twist 1/4 of the way and pull
needle straight out.  If it is a micro, DO NOT twist and just pull straight

Once it is out, what seals the hole in the top of the unit?
	There is no hole at the top of the unit.

To disconnect for showers, etc.  twist the smaller piece that is closest to
your body a little and pull out.  To reconnect, just insert and twist

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, e mail me privately.

Good luck.
Kathy B.
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