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Re: [IP] ACE Inhibtors

Hi Eileen,

Been there done that.  Only, I didn't go on ACE inhibitors until after my
first heart attack at age 40.  Right now, my kidney function is 43%.  So, my
own belief is to protect now instead of correct later.

You will want to discuss your concerns with both of your doctors.  That way
they can better help you.

I  would imagine, and of course YMMV, that you will be put on a very low
dose just for the prophylactic effects and not to bottom out your blood
pressure.  But, it wouldn't hurt to get a home blood  pressure kit and test
for awhile.  Hey, it's less painful than doing your blood tests!

Also, you may be instructed to arise slowly from sitting, or stooping, or
bending over.  You may be more sensitive to low blood pressure when doing
the above in a rapid manner.

Good luck on your stress test. Let us know how you come through.


> <PRE>Hi, my endo. sent me to a heart dr, because been a diabetic for 34
years and
> my dad died of a heart attack young etc.. so off i went. my blood pressure
> and chol. are in good range right now. i am getting a stress test on weds.
> then my new heart dr and my endo will decide if i should go on and ACE for
> preventative measures, to protect my kidneys and heart? i read in ip post
> you can pass out from these drugs, that scares me. any info. would be
> appreciated, you can email me direct if you want. thanks Eileen, pumping
> since 3/01 mm508 with novalog
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