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[IP] Inserting a SofSet???

Hi All
Have some questions regarding SofSets that I hope a user will answer for me.
Was given a couple today by my CDE but they don't come with any instructions
and my CDE has no one who uses them. Inside the sealed pack I can see the
luer lock and the tubing as most infusion sets have. There is also a clear
plastic plug maybe.( no idea what this is ) There also appears to be several
pieces of tape in the pack, at least one of these has a hole in it. Not sure
what these are for either. At the end of all of this the introducer needle
has a protector over it and there appears to be a piece of paper on the
underside of the infusion set.
Does that paper stay there or should it be pulled off?
Is there a clip holding the introducer needle in place or will it pull
straight out?
Once it is out, what seals the hole in the top of the unit?
Will this unit adhere to the skin or do I have to use the tape in some way?
( Why does it have a hole in it?) One piece of tape appears to be larger
than the other.

Sorry if the questions seem simple but I have been using the Disetronic
Tenders since I started pumping in Nov-2001 and my CDE wants me to try a few
others to see if I can get one that lasts longer than 2.5 days. Having
problems with adhesive failing or site bleeding after 1 or 2 days with metal
needle types and I would like to try a few others. I have some 'QuickSets'
arriving in the next couple of days as well.
PS I have seen the animation on the minimed site and it is uninformative.
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