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Re: [IP] Where do you wear?

My new favorite place in the winter is when I'm wearing calf-high loose 
boots to just slide the pump in between the boot and the sock - works great 
for me - easy to pull out, and no bulge at the waist of the a-line 
(pocketless!) skirts I like to wear to work. I'll also tuck it into my sock 
if I'm just walking around the house sometimes.

Type 1 8 years, pumping 8 months with "Buzz" the MM Paradigm.

>Hi folks,
>We are holding a support meeting on January 26/03 and  I was hoping those 
>were willing could help me out a little would share their experiences with
>where to put the pump.  Not only will the information you share help the
>members of our group, but it will be compiled and posted on a new page of 
>Insulin Pumpers Canada website entitled 'Where Do I Wear?' and accessible 
>So, where DO you wear it?  Please  send along where you 'hide it', hang 
>'clip it', 'slip it', we would love to hear from you!!  Do you slip it in a
>sock, hang it upside down to keep out bubbles, clip it to a bra, wear it in 
>pouch?  We would love to hear from you!!  We want unique spots, not thought 
>spots, right out in the open spots, hidden spots.......you get the idea:)
>You can respond to the IP website, or email me directly at
>email @ redacted  The more the merrier!!
>Barb Chafe - Chair
>Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
>Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
>Visit our pumping website
>via http://www.canadianbutterfly.ca

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