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[IP] advice on sofset vs quick set...please

Hi, my daughter, Codi Lynn is 3 and using a paradigm with Quick sets.  I was
searching the minimed store and saw the sofsets.  Can anyone tell me any
advantages/disadvantages to either?  I am not a big fan of the disconnect
site on the quick set since everytime I have used it, I mess up the site
somehow, plus we usually never disconnect.  We have had a lot of trouble
with cannulas kinking and I am wondering if the sofset has less surface area
on the skin which may keep it more secure?!?
I appreciate all of you, you have taught me more in the past couple of weeks
(since I joined this group) than any DE could teach me...Thanks!

Cara , Mom to Codi Lynn, 3, dxd2, paradigm
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