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[IP] I've Got it!

Hey Laura!

I'm laughing since I've been going through old messages and finally found
out who I had you confused with.  There's a wonderful gal who lives in Tx
named Ashley and she's the one whose trying to get pregnant....

Now listen, I've put both names on a sticky note as to whose who so I don't
get confused any longer.

Doesn't it stink getting old and you can't remember stuff like this?

How you doing?

I go to endo on Wed..can't wait to see my a1c and get yelled at and abused
again!!!  lol....really it should be better.

Still working on stopping the darn crashes after I bolus for bkfst 3-5 hours
afterwards....taking less insulin is seeming to help but I don't want to
spike either cause I feel just as crappy that way as low....is there any
balance in this darn disease?

All in all I'm doing ok except think I'm getting Gary's cold no matter how
hard I've been avoiding him and sleeping in another room...oh well...

Write back.

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