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Re: [IP] Re-lubing a cartridge

Before I got my DTron+, I used MM for the past 10
years.  In my obtuse way I always thought of the
reservoirs as the equivalent of syringes.  I used them
over and over and over again until the numbers &
indicators wore off.  (In fact I still have boxes and
boxes of those darn things).

I have NEVER had an occlusion alarm.  In fact - I
didn't know that even happened until I signed up on
this list.  

Now - to the re-lubing question... since the substance
that provides the seal is RUBBER - you CANNOT use a
petroleum product to relube it.  That will cause the
rubber to break down.  It is a major no-no.  I believe
the rubber plungers are lubed with a silicone
substance in order to make them slide.

However, if you're refering to Paradigm cartrdiges or
Disetronic cartridges - I have tried re-using mine
yet.  Have been thinking about it, but haven't gone
there.  I just now figured out what that silly red
filler thing is for - right after I blew the end out
of a cartridge & lost 300 units of insulin all over my

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish,
limit tester extraordinaire.

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