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Re: [IP] Where do you wear?

When I first started pumping I clipped it to my pants, but man oh man what a
pain in the butt when I had to go to the bathroom(restroom for the Americans
hehehe private joke there ;)) anyway, my cats thought it was a toy and it
would tug at the site etc etc. So recently I have been tucking it into my
bra, I put the pump in a baby sock and just tuck it kinda almost in the
armpit area. I also bought safety pins (the big uns fer diapers;)) and I pin
the pump in baby sock to my PJ's right in the front on me . This seems to be
working for me so far, however, if I am ever going to dress up any more than
the casual look, I will have to look for alternative places I think, a third
lump on my chest just don't look right in a dress hehhe!!
Tami in Tucson
pumpin since Nov1/02
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