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Re: [IP] Re: basal testng and "my sugars"

My pump trainers did give me instructions and I did try to follow them for 2 months but because of my work schedule I couldn't manage it.  So I tried my own thing.  I made it till 8 am when I was 3.5 - this is a time I was pretty sure I was going low but could never catch it.  My trainer told me to eat as much protein as I like just nothing with carbs.  From 3pm - 8am my sugars are pretty good my highest was 7.6 and lowest was 4.6(besides the low)  with a little tweaking it'll be good.

My major problem is Sunday is my only day for doing the basal test as I work as a nanny throughout the week and(hours vary) and we have brakfast, snack,lunch, snack and supper together and I can't not eat cause then the kids will not eat cause "Hummer" doesn't have to ...  you get the idea and just the preparing and serving of the food makes me really want to eat it!!   :-)

Next  sunday I'll try testing my daytime and will keep an eye on my AM low and get that fixed.  

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Did your pump trainer give you guidelines? From your description 
> of 
> how you were testing basals, either you didn't have guidelines, or 
> you 
> misread them?
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