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[IP] Where do you wear?

>So, where DO you wear it? Please send along where you 'hide it', hang it', 
>'clip it', 'slip it', we would love to hear from you!! Do you slip it in a 
>sock, hang it upside down to keep out bubbles, clip it to a bra, wear it 
>in a pouch? We would love to hear from you!! We want unique spots, not 
>thought of spots, right out in the open spots, hidden spots.......you get 
>the idea:)

I wear my pump clipped to the fob pocket of my jeans, clipped to my belt, 
or in my pants pocket.  With dresses I wear bike shorts and clip it to 
them.  At night I use the cloth case that came with my pump and wear it 
like a necklace.  When I get up, I clip it to the lapel of my bathrobe.  I 
prefer to wear my Disetronic H-Tron+ pump upside down to keep any possible 
air bubbles near the bottom of the cartridge and away from the luer.

dxd 1963
pumping May 2000

PS I tried to send this directly to your email address but got an error 
from your server telling me that I can't send since "Spammers not 
allowed".  Didn't know that by replying to you, it makes me a spammer.  <sigh>
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