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Re: [IP] DME Supplies

>Can anyone clarify this? I have been able in both my last insurance plan 
>(a HMO) and this one (a PPO) to get my blood testing strips and my 
>lancette devices through the mail order drug place, the local pharmacy, or 
>the DME supply place. All three require a RX for them but it costs me a 
>lot less to get them from the mail order drug place than through the DME 
>place. How come some supplies qualify under both and some are only DME?
>Judi in MI

Depends on the insurance and what they'll pay for.  My prescription mail 
order supplier (Merck-Medco) for my insurance (BC/BS of Michigan, Community 
Blue PPO) does not supply testing strips or lancets.  I go through another 
supplier (Michigan Diabetes Supplies) who bills them to my insurance as 
DME.  I can only get insulin and other medications from Merck-Medco through 
my BC/BS of Michigan (at least that's what they told me the last time I 
called and checked).  I also have to provide my DME supplier with a letter 
of medical necessity and prescription for testing supplies even though 
they're not covered under prescriptions.  Which is better for me anyways 
since my DME is covered 100% and prescriptions have a $5/$10 co-pay.

also in Michigan
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