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[IP] Diagnosed with "vertigo"

I ended up in the ER two weeks ago, because I nearly fainted, then
continued to vomit all day long whenever I moved (the room would just
"spin" and I started vomiting).  I didn't really feel like I had the flu
or anything else--I felt fine until I sat up in bed.  At first I thought
it might be related to my diabetes, but my sugars were 127.  Anyway,
after given fluids and anti-nausea medicine, the doctor said I most
likely had a virus that lodged somewhere in the vicinity of my ears.  He
said I should feel better in a week. 

It's now been two weeks, and while I do feel better, the room still spins
whenever I look up or down, or if I move my head to the side while I'm
lying down.  Anyone else have anything similar to this?  My best friend's
14 year old daughter died suddenly last Friday, so I'm not doing really
great emotionally on top of this.  I was just hoping perhaps someone has
an idea of when I might regain my balance physically.


Ruth Stingley, Type 1 28 years in Feb., pumping since 12/01
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