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[IP] Re: Basal Testing


It's my understanding from "Pumping Insulin" that you should do your basal testing 
in specific blocks of time rather than fasting all at once in one long session. 
Fasting for longer periods will affect your metabolism in different ways.

Also, protein will affect your BG's and not give you an accurate testing of basal
rates.  Cheese and most deli meats (check labels) have 1 carb/ounce in addition 
to the protein and fat which will all eventually affect your blood sugar.  Veggies also 
have plenty of carbs and the only way to accurately know how many you're getting is to 
measure them on a carb gram scale. 1 carb gram will raise your blood sugar anywhere
from 3-6 points (depending on your mileage). Eating ANYTHING while testing your basal 
rates will give you an inaccurate picture and fasting for prolonged periods will also.

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