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[IP] Re: basal testng and "my sugars"

You can also review how to test basal rates in Pumping Insulin, by John 
Did your pump trainer give you guidelines? From your description of 
how you were testing basals, either you didn't have guidelines, or you 
misread them?

Time blocks of 6 to 7 hours would be more appropriate.
If you fast too long, your liver might think you are starving, convert stored 
glycogen to glucose, and dump it into your bloodstream.
If that happens, you could either get frustrated, and possibly raise your BG 
more (if your body reacts that way to stress) or make the wrong decision in 
adjusting the basal rate.

Sounds like your basal rate, today, is in target if your BG is steady in that 
time frame. You can stop the fasting and eat something more nutritious.  
Celebrate the good numbers.  Retest that time frame on another day.

Test your overnight basal rates first.  Look at the resources recommended by 
Michael. One time block at a time, kiddo!

Barbara Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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