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[IP] dating and the pump

  In my dating experiences... I always kind of thought of it as a test when 
I would talk about my diabetes.  I would slowly bring "into the picture" my 
blood sugar machine and talks of my shots.  If they were squeamish then I'd 
have to wonder about the long road?  If I did become very involved with 
someone, I would teach them how to test my sugars (you just never know when 
a reaction could happen) and for the really, really serious relationships, 
teach how to give a shot.
  Fortunatly for me I never encountered someone who behaved "badly" towards 
my diabetes.  Always got questions galore, but I've always tried to be 
pretty open about it.  You know, I have never really even thought of it as a 
disease!!  Just a fact of life.  I surely don't pitty someone who takes 
blood pressure medicine every day of their life... why should they pitty me?
  To everyone who dates, no matter how old you are, I hope you can find 
someone who is caring.  And you know, in this day and age, lets face it... 
it's a lot easier taking care of ourselves than before!!  No one even has to 
know you're taking a shot (or as my husband amuzingly calls it "shooting up" 
ha ha).
         Best of luck to all the dating pumpers out there!!
                                    Myndi Fletcher
                                    diagnosed 1982
                                    pumping 1 1/2 years
                                    married 3 months!!

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