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Re: [IP] Basal Testing

> Ok I'm trying to test my basals and have been for weeks now but my problem is I eat all day :-)  I'll try to do a 6 hour block of no carbs but then I see something good and say oh well I'll try it to> 
> I'm off tomorrow and am trying to do a 30 hour block right now, I havn't eaten any carbs since 3pm and plan to go till 12 midnight tomorrow and get it over with.

hmmm..... don't do that. You should fast for shorter periods and make 
sure you can duplicate the period within a couple of days.

READ the HOWTO's on profiling basal rates as well as the sections in 
Pumping Insulin on doing this as well.

Basically you only skip one meal at a time and delay another.

i.e.  skip dinner, test night times
skip breakfast delay lunchtest mornings til about 2 pm
skip lunch, delay dinner and check afternoon and evening (eat late)

Go for the nights first. If you are having a night time low it screws 
everything up for the rest of the day

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