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RE: [IP] Re-lubbing a cartridge

The reserviors are lubricated with a light silicon lubricant.  I mentioned
re-using cartridges to my practitioner, and she threw a fit.  Apparently the
lubricant stays put for one use, but for multiple uses it winds up under
your skin; something that hasn't been thoroughly researched.

When you operate the plunger a couple of times to spread the lubricant and
suck in a charge of air to displace the insulin in the bottle, you're
introducing airborne germs.  Taking the plunger out is no worse.  The whole
thing ceases to be sterile when you open the plastic wrapper.

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> > WHAT!!!!!! you can't do that, once you pop the seal it's no good, germs
> have
> entered!  Is it
> > worth all that trouble to save $3-$4 dollars???
> I agree it would be a bad policy to try to re-lube a cartridge/reservoir.
> But, Summer, don't you reuse your cartridges/reservoirs more than once?
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