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Re: [IP] how many pumpers ?

> I believe it was 2/02 that MM issued their 100,000th pump. Add the other
> companies onto that and you have your definite number - as well as the
> additional ones MM has added in 11 months. (~_^)

No, that doesn't really work.  I personally skew those results, and I am
quite certain I am not an anomaly.  I've had a MM 504 pump.  Then I got a
MM507.  I am two of those MM pumps included in their total, but one pumper.
I'll bet there are lots of us.

In just a few months, I plan to get a different pump, likely from another
manufacturer.  I will not become a new pumper.  I will simply be one who
purchased two MM pumps using a different pump.  You can't add me to the
total number of MM pumps at that point.

Subtract from that total sold all people who tried the pump and quit, or
unfortunately died, and I'm sure MM's 100,000 sold does not mean they have
100,000 current pumpers.  It just means they've sold, during the many years
they've sold insulin pumps, a total of 100,000+.  The number of individuals
involved is not represented in that total in any way.

Hope that makes sense.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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