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[IP] RE:thyroid medication

Subject: [IP] Thyroid Medication
Does anyone have any opinions/advice about Thyroid medication?
I'm still trying to get my Hypothyroidism regulated and was wondering
about different brands. I'm currently taking Levoxyl and just read
about Thyrolar, which contains both T-3 & T-4 hormones.

Hi Shawna,
I've been on thyroid medications since 1991.  I was still tired and dragging
most of those years until last year when I asked my endo to let me try a
medication that contained both t-3 and t-4.  She gave me Thyrolar and it has
made a difference in how a feel much more than the Levoxyl I was taking
before that.  I think it is definately worth a try.
My endo told me that it makes a difference for some people and not for
Definately a YMMV thing.

Faith and SweetiePie, my mighty blue d-tron
diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here
pumping since 08-00
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