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[IP] (Fwd) Former IPer in Brooklyn with MM 508 supplies

The following message was sent to me as the HELP@ Admin on duty this week.   They 
are not currently a member, so please do NOT Reply to the list.   If you are interested in 
these supplies, write directly to:     email @ redacted    to inquire further.

<A href="mailto:email @ redacted">/Click here to write for Supplies </A>

------- Forwarded message follows -------
I have a bag with a box of reservoirs,  box of IV 3000 tape,
Quik-serter, batteries, and a lot of assorted needle sets (loose out
of box - Disetronic 6 mm Rapids, bent needle and a few random others
mixed in). It's hard for me to get to the post office, but anyone in
NYC who wants to come get any of the stuff is welcome to. I live in
Carroll Gardens. Thanks, Catherine

------- End of forwarded message -------
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