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Re: [IP] Dawn Phenom...

> I am a new pumper tweaking the early morning basals.  I used to be
> .4 units per hour from midnight to 7 am, but now have dropped to .3
> units per hour until 3 am an then .6, .8 and 1.2 units per hour for
> the next three hours.  Does anybody have some advice on when exactly
> the dawn factor works and for how long,  and what is a good basal
> pattern for bedtime til 6 am when I do a hard workout.  Many thanks
> to all of you in this great organization.

There are two things being discussed (and confused). Dawn phenomena 
typically raises bg's prior to waking up. The un-named morning bg 
rise is transitory in some people and more dependent on their 
schedule and morning habits than anything else. It may be present on 
work days and not weekends or visa-versa. The best fix so far that 
I've heard about is a "wake-up bolus". And.... yes, it can be 
dependent on whether or not you eat breakfast, though not on the 
breakfast carb content.

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