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[IP] Pria Power Bar

I have also tried them.  They sell them in Wal-Mart for 60 cents  (I have
seen them at convenient stores for almost $2 so be aware of where you get
them.)  I thought they were really good too.  I took them for snacks when I
traveled home (I was on injections then) because, if I remember correctly,
they have 15g carbs (my snack size.)  My favorite was also the vanilla one
since I am not much of a chocoholic (I know, people can't believe it.)  They
are made by power bar.  The only bad thing is that they do not do too well
in the heat.  The coating behaves a bit like chocolate and it melts a bit.
But I even licked the wrapper with the excuse that I need to get all
15grams!!!  I liked them so much that I felt like I was cheating when I ate
them.  My family looked at me funny when I got out, what look to them like a
candy bar, and ate it!!!

Well, enough of that and No, I do not have any stock (I they have any) on
powerbar.  I hope you all have a great weekend.

Pumping with bombita since 6/02 (MM Paradigm.)
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