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Re: [IP] Animas R1000 Alarms

good luck tring to get help 1 just got tio swich off and do not have those
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> I have the same exact problem!!!
> My R1000 will not shut up or become functional again until I change my
> batteries.
> I hate all the sirens and warnings on this pump. I am tempted to go back
> my MM 508 because of them.
> I was out on lunch break one day and had the sirens go off in KMart.
> there was a Radio Shack next door that had the batteries in stock. Changed
> the batteries in the store and that solved the problem.
> The serial # on my pump is in the 12000 range.  If you or anyone else has
> any luck with Animas related to this issue, I would be glad to hear back
> about it. I will speak with my rep @ Animas and see what type of response
> get from him. I will let everyone know the outcome.
> Happy New Year and a big thanks to Michael for the hard work getting the
> site back up and running.
> Andy J.
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