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[IP] Assistance programs for eye care

DEAR ABBY: I appreciated learning about the VISION USA free eye-care program 
that was recently mentioned in your column, but I want you and your readers 
to know that there are also other assistance programs available. Every day I 
see working people who can't afford insurance for themselves and their 
families. That is where the Lions clubs come in. 

Many Lions clubs provide assistance with free eye care (exams, glasses and 
surgery) for those in need. There are approximately 1.4 million members in 
more than 44,600 clubs in 190 countries. Over the years, the Lions have 
extended their service to help with hearing exams, hearing aids and medical 
assistance for diabetics. We work with local eye-care professionals to help 
children and adults. 

To get in touch with your local Lions club, check community resources or 
visit www.lionsclubs.org. We are ordinary citizens trying to help needy 
people in our local areas. We also support youth programs, community 
development, eyeglass recycling and much more. Thank you, Abby, for your 
longtime support of the Lions clubs throughout the world. -- SANDY CARAWAN, 

DEAR SANDY: You are the people who should be thanked for contributing to 
your communities in such an important way by helping people who could not 
otherwise find assistance. 
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