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Re: [IP] What is the maximum daily on your pump?

I may have missed this suggestion, but if you are taking 255+ units of
insulin a day then has anyone suggested using a 'stronger' insulin?

To be more clear... the typical insulin that most of us use is U-100.  This
means that there is 100 unites per 1mL.   There are brands that make other
U-XXX values.  More common is U-40 or U-50 which can be used for pets and in
some cases small children.  There are also cases of people diluting U-100
themselves to get the amount they need.  However, there are also higher
values such as U-500.  This would mean that 1-unit of U-500 is equal to 5
units of U-100.  This would allow you to not have to refill your pump every
day and also to trick your pump into thinking you are taking less insulin.
Some pumps allow you to program for units other then U-100, but I don't know
then how the calculation of a bolus is done.  This is something to look

I read that the paradigm has a U-50 setting, where if you were to set it to
this and us U-100 insulin you would get double the insulin.  This is a
warning for those who use U-100 but an advantage if you use a lot of U-100.
The Animas, which I think you said you use may have a similar 'hack'.  I
know its not fair to have to do that...

The advantage to using the U-500 is that you might prolong your sites and
obviously your cartridges/reservoirs due to using less volume of insulin.

Good luck,
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