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RE: [IP] What is the maximum daily on your pump?

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003 10:10  "Rowe, Kelly" <email @ redacted>  wrote: 

>The MiniMed 508 goes over 300 from personal experience...  

???  The 508 has a cartridge/syringe size of 300 units.  And that does not 
account for priming the tubing either.  AFAIK, the Animas is the only pump 
with a daily dosage limit.  If one wanted to keep an accurate history without a 
dosage limitation of under 300 units, then the pumps from Disetronic would be 
the logical choice.  Either the Panomat or the Dolomat line, or to connect to the 
second pump in the H-tron or D-tron+ lines.

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