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[IP] Re: Dawn Phenomenon

At 11:56 AM 1/10/03, Ryan wrote:
>I did a test where as soon as I woke up, before I got out of bed, I
>tested my BG.  It was slightly elevated, but not a lot.  I then tested
>about 30 minutes later as I was about to eat breakfast.  My BG had
>risen SIGNIFICANTLY, and continued to rise (unless treated with higher
>basals) for the next couple of hours.

I too have this happen, but I don't adjust my basals since that requires me 
to get up at the same time everyday.  I followed the suggestion of another 
IPer, which is to take a "get out of bed" bolus.  This works great for me, 
since my bg rises after I get up, regardless of what time I get up.  I just 
needed to figure out what amount to take, and for me 1 unit works good if 
I'm close to my 100 goal, I adjust by however much I am over or under 
that.  YMMV.

dxd 1963
pumping May, 2000
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