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Re: [IP] Re: Dating/Marriage and the pump

><Speaking as someone who's been there...  You're not going to meet a partner
>in his their early 20s with the emotional fortitude to put up with
> diabetes unless this potential partner also has diabetes.

Summer, this isn't always true.  My son, age 23, has a wonderful
girlfriend, also age 23,  who he has been with for almost 3 years.  She
understands the disease and helps him through his highs and lows.  She
went to his carb counting training to get his pump, went to his pump
training, and helps him ever step of the way.  She helps him eat better
and be better generally. She is definately a keeper!

I have been married to a man for over 25 years.  We met in our early
20's and he's helped me every step of the way, through many reactions,
hospitalizations, encouraging me to get a pump, and helping me when I
need it.  They're out there, you just have to keep looking.

Judi in MI
email @ redacted
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