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[IP] Pria Power Bar

I went to my Jazzercise class last night, and at the end of the session, they 
were giving out samples of a new energy snack bar.  I am wondering if anyone on 
the list has heard of it or tried it?

It's called Pria Power Bar and on the label it says Deliciously Smarter Snack 
Bar.  The flavor is French Vanilla Crisp 28g (0.98oz).  The nutritional info is 
Calories = 110, Fat Calories = 25, Total Fat = 3g, Sat. Fat = 2.5g, Sodium = 
80mg, Total Carbs = 16g, Sugars = 10g, Protein = 5g.

Jake tried one last night and LOVED it!  It's described on the label as 'A 
crispy, chewy snack covered in a yogurt coating that keeps you going through 
your day.'  It looks like a great lunch box snack, especially since he REALLY 
likes them!

Sean, pump mom of Jake, 9, dx 07/01, pumping since 01/02
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