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Re: [IP] Dawn Phenom...


My Joshua has DP and his rates run 0.8 from 4-8 AM.  He is 11 and IPer 3 
years now.  All his rates increase as he grows.  He is in early stages of 
puberty now as well.  Don't forget that the basal rate you have this hour 
doesn't start to affect your BGs for about 90-180 minutes later.  See PUMPING 
INSULIN by John Walsh, 3rd edition if you don't have it already.  He talks 
all about this.  Anyway, with the delayed reaction, plan on starting your DP 
basal rate a few hours before you think your liver starts to kick in.  I 
think it is around 5:30 AM for Josh.

Good Luck....OH, you can find the book and many other good books online 
through this list's book page and this list will receive a much needed 
donation frrom Amazon anytime you buyy through this link!!

mom to Joshua
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