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Re: [IP] Re: Dating/Marriage and the pump

I found the same thing to be true in the girls I was seeing before I hit my
late 20's.   I was in college and I came to the realization that people on the
college/post-college career track have no idea what they are looking for in
life until they finish with school.  After the working world has had a chance
to sink in, people are more prone to realize what they are really looking for
in a potential mate.

Your priorities change when the real world starting beating on your door.


--- Shawna <email @ redacted> wrote:

>   Not to offend any of the guys under 25 on this
> list, but most 
> that age still have a lot of growing up to do and experiences to have before
> settling down. 
> There are exceptions of course, but they are exceptions.  Just my opinion.

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