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RE [IP] Dtron plus and extended boluses

i use it all the time...
In Philly, we have these called cheese steaks (you may have heard of
They have a high-carb roll, around 10 inches long, at 8 carbs per inch.
Between the steak, and the cheese, the fried onions,  and the greese in
between, they make a Big-mac seem like health food
But they Are good.

when i eat one (well, half), 
i am 1 carb per 4 grams
SO, the 5 inch is 40 gm, or 10 units (pluss 1 for good measue).
i take 5 bollus,
and then 6 units over the next 1 1/2 hour...

works Most of the time.
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