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Re: [IP] Aetna Closed formulary

> Lest anyone fear using Humalog in their pump, Jim Handsfield told us the
> reason why Lilly hasn't gone the FDA route, but a doctor can Rx any med
> any use he/she deems appropriate.

That's a good point.  It is worth noting that, while Humalog hasn't been FDA
approved for use in the pump, that is only the case because Lily didn't seek
the FDA's endorsement for that purpose.  In other words, Lily was satisfied
that if it were accepted as an insulin for use by diabetics, then of course
it would be accepted for use in pumps.

So, while the FDA never approved that use, they also never officially (or
otherwise) disapproved of it either.  They simply haven't weighed in on the

All sorts of drugs are used for purposes other than their primary approved
use that the FDA verified.  I know when I started using an ACE inhibitor, it
hadn't been approved to attempt to avoid further kidney complications.  I'm
sure glad I've used it some fifteen years that way, anyway, or I'd likely be
facing dialysis right now.  I wouldn't be surprised if the FDA still hasn't
weighed in on that use for ACE inhibitors.

This is true because once a drug has been approved, it would take further
testing to get approval for other uses, and that testing costs money without
any real gain for the company that produces the drug.  Why incur the added
expense?  So they don't seek approval for every use under the sun, just the
main one.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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