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[IP] Dtron plus and extended boluses

Hi, crowd,

This is a first attempt to post something to the mailing list. A couple previous efforts were stymied by mail server problems.

Anyway -

Have any of you made extensive use of the extended bolus feature on the DTron plus?  I thought it was a terrific idea and use it 
often, more to satisfy my curiosity and try to get a feeling for it. Not sure yet how much difference it makes, except it's a 
definite help after a bit of ice cream ;-)

BTW I use Humulin R only, in the pump. I have tried twice to switch to Humalog, but the fluctuations are too rapid and my 
control deteriorates quite a bit.

Humalog is really good, and IF pump delivery could be made near-perfect, it would be so great-


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