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[IP] MM Service

Minimed has been the most ammazing company for me thus far. Got my pump 2 
years ago just a few weeks after calling & asking how to go about getting 
one. They helped me find a doctor to go through (more on him later) 
contacted my insurance company & well a few weeks later it arrived. I was 
contacted by a local rep to teach me how to use it. My doctor also is a 
minimed pumper & has all his minimed pumpers in every 3 months to meet with 
him & a rep from minimed one on one. The rep's are so very helpful with 
basal rates & tips for sites & ...
I have called minimed with questions & rush orders several times now & have 
been met with nothing but the most trained professionals who treat me like 
their only & most valued customer.
I just found out that there are now 3 more pump companies than there were 
when I was shopping aroung for my pump but ... I'm sold ... I'm never 
leaving MM.
i use the 508. I got it 6 months after being diagnosed. I did the 8-10 shots 
a day for those 6 months & what a shock to my lifestyle. Got the pump & well 
life is back to the way it was ... almost :)

Long story short ... minimed is the best company I have dealt with (or 
probably tied with accuchek (roche) ...but that is a whole other message 

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